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Address reservation settings for TP-Link Deco 5 Whole-Home Wi-Fi

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Address reservation settings for TP-Link Deco 5 Whole-Home Wi-Fi

TP-Link Deco 5 Whole-Home Wi-Fi devices are manageable for many advance settings and all these settings are possible using http:// tplinkmodem.net or Deco application from your mobile devices. when you install these advance devices for your network, you can get mesh WiFi access with a single SSID name and password. You can change the admin settings for your Deco device easily and changing the address reservation settings is one of them.

Address reservation settings are used so that you can fix an IP address for a wireless device. that wireless device will get that IP address every time when it get connected to mesh WiFi. You can perform mesh WiFi settings for a computer device, a tablet device or a mobile device according to your needs. Each time when this device gets connected to your WiFi access, IP address settings will reflect to that device.

tp link modem router setup

How to Perform Address Reservations for TP-Link Deco 5 Whole-Home Wi-Fi Device?

  1. Install TP-Link Deco 5 Whole-Home Wi-Fi device and add this device to your Deco application. You can install Deco application for Apple iPhone and Android device and then add all your units to your application.
  2. After that you can access the dashboard for Deco application and then select “Menu” button.
  3. After that select “Advanced” tab.
  4. Select “Address Reservation” tab from there.
  5. After that click on “Add” button and then you can easily add a new address reservation settings for your TP-Link Deco 5 Whole-Home Wi-Fi devices.
  6. After that click on “save” button.

tp link modem quick setup

These are the steps that you can follow and you can configure the address reservation settings for Deco devices. if you want, you can also manage the parental controls for your devices. when you configure address reservations for tplink Deco devices, you can also block some websites for  your home network.

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